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What is Relacore? When you think of belly fat, you probably automatically think of Relacore. After all, all its commercials at one point in time showed you those kinds of claims, and everybody has heard of Relacore. If you never watch TV, maybe you haven’t. But they are also highly advertised or at least were […]

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The Leading Causes of Belly Weight

No matter how much you diet and how much you exercise, you may still be struggling with your weight, especially around your midsection. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most frustrating problems dieters come across, but it’s important to know there are a variety of reasons that may be standing in your way of losing stomach fat. Of course a diet of fried, fatty foods, enormous portions, high-calorie desserts, alcohol and sugary soft drinks is going to be a problem but there’s more to losing that gut than just your diet.

Healthy weight management can be one of the most complicated health concerns with numerous factors affecting your weight and leading to stubborn belly fat. While diet and exercise have a lot to do with your weight, Doctors agree your weight can be affected several factors including:

  • Stress in Your Life
  • A Lack of Sleep
  • Certain Medications
  • Any Number of Medical Conditions
  • Menopause
  • Aging and a Slowing Metabolism
  • Heredity

Keys to Eliminating Belly Fat

Weight loss isn’t as much of a mystery when you know what’s causing it and few secrets really exist when it comes to losing your belly, but following a few keys can lead to faster weight loss that is more likely to last to give you a trim, slim stomach. Weight loss is rarely area specific so it’s important to focus on your entire body rather than just on your belly. Rapid weight loss is almost always going to include a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine. In addition to a balanced diet and regular exercise following these keys can lead to easier and faster weight loss.

  • Keep Your Goals Realistic – Realistic goals help you stay focused and motivated during exercise and dieting
  • Follow what Your Body Wants – It’s important to adjust your diet and exercise routine based on your body and what your body is telling you
  • Add More Fiber to Your Diet – Fiber is filling and reduces the appetite by staying in the stomach longer
  • Drink Water Regularly – Water is critical for flushing the system and keeping the body healthy and hydrated
  • Stay Consistent – Consistency is absolutely crucial for helping you with your weight loss efforts

Dangers of Extreme Weight Loss

While millions are looking to lose weight as fast as possible, it’s important to remember you can actually damage your health by losing too much weight too fast. Losing weight involves losing more than just fat. Losing weight also leads to a loss in muscle tissue, water weight and in many cases bone mass. Losing weight too quickly can lead to moderate to serious side effects including loose skin, dehydration, diarrhea, fatigue, malnutrition, cramping and gallstones. Losing weight too fast may also take an extreme toll on your physical appearance, making you look sickly, bony and just unhealthy. Remember any weight loss efforts should always include a healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity.